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IPO: Sean Dennehey for Comptroller

Tucked away on the IPO website is a short announcement that Ian Fletcher has left the Patent Office to take up an appointment as CEO of the Department of Employment, Economic Development & Innovation for the Government of Queensland and that "Sean Dennehey has been appointed Interim Chief Executive and Comptroller-General pending the appointment of a substantive replacement for Ian Fletcher." First things first. I've never met Mr. Fletcher but I congratulate him on his appointment and wish him every success in his new job. I hope he watches out for the sharks (including those on two legs) and doesn't get too sun burnt. Now to the nitty gritty. "Why" asks patent agent and solicitor Barbara Cookson on twitter"is Sean's appointment only interim?" And I agree with her. I have met Sean and heard him speak several times and can think of nobody BUT NOBODY who would be better qualified to do the job full time. The contexts in which our p