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What's in a Name? WIPO Domain Name Dispute Resolution Panellists' Meeting 28 Oct 2013

Every year at the end of October the World Intellectual Property Organization ( "WIPO" ) , the UN agency for intellectual property holds a one day conference at its head office in Geneva for its domain name dispute resolution panellists . I have been a member of that panel for the last 10 years and I have attended every panellists' meeting since 2005. I have got to know quite a few of my fellow panellists over the years and several of them have become good friends. This year the conference took place on the 28 Oct. In previous years the focus had been on practical issues arising under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy ( "UDRP" )  such as how to deal with privacy services and what constitutes evidence of registration and use in bad faith. There was some of that this year.   Andrew Lothian  of Demys Ltd  presented an analysis of the decisions where the domain name comprised the trade marks of more than one entity such as Dr. Ing. h