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Clause 13 of the Intellectual Property Bill will probably go through. What next?

Despite the submissions of Sir Robin Jacob, leading academic lawyers, the IP Federation, the IP Bar Association and the other intellectual property professions HM government seems determined to force through criminal sanctions for registered design and registered Community design infringement. Why HMG has set and indeed held to this course in the face of almost unanimous opposition from those who know most about intellectual property is a mystery but there it is. Governments do silly things sometimes of which the Dangerous Dogs Act is but one example.

What happens next
I have done all that I can as a citizen to persuade HMG to think again by

explaining in this blog why this proposal is a very bad idealobbying my MP and even remonstrating with the Minister in person when we shared a platform last week.
But it is not really my battle. Criminalizing registered design infringement does not affect me personally except perhaps as a consumer in that it may feather bed designs such as the &q…

Copyright Licensing BBC v EOS

As everyone knows, copyright restricts the acts listed in s.16 (1) of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 ("CDPA") in relation to a work in which copyright subsists ("a copyright work"). Those acts include copying, issuing copies, renting, lending or communicating the work to the public etc. Anyone who does any of those acts without the owner's licence infringes that copyright. He or she may be sued or in an extreme case prosecuted.
Clearly, if you want to broadcast, perform or otherwise make use of a copyright work it is a good idea to get a licence. As all those lovely artists, choreographers, composers. dramatists, novelists, poets, song writers and other authors need to live it is only right that they get paid a reasonable fee for their trouble. But therein lies the rub because what may seem reasonable to you and me as consumers may not feel reasonable to an artist in his garret or, more importantly, his agent in his BMW. As I argued  at the Arab-B…