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New Costs Rules for IPEC

Rolls Building Author  Boggling2019   Licence  CC BY-SA 4.0   Source  Wikimedia Commins Jane Lambert On 1 Oct 2010, the Patents County Court was overhauled by a new set of rules and practice directions which I discussed in New Patents County Court Rules   on 31 Oct 2010.  One of the main planks of the new rules was that the costs that could be recovered in an action before that court were to be limited to £50,000 for the trial and £25,000 for an account of profits and an inquiry.  The costs for steps in the litigation were also capped by a scale that I mentioned in my article. The Patents County Court was abolished by the Courts and Crime Act 2013 and replaced by the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court ("IPEC") (see Jane Lambert  What does the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court mean for Litigants in the North West?   12 Oct 2013 IP Northwest ). The new court inherited the rules and practices of the Patents County Court including the overall and scale costs caps which