Jane Lambert

Published 18 June 2017

About Me

I am a barrister practising intellectual property, technology and related areas of the law from 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square in London. I am also an arbitrator, mediator and domain name panellist. You can find out more about me from my Profile and the services I offer from my Services and Instructing me pages.

About My Practice

As I have spent most of my career on the Northern Circuit my clients tend to be small and medium enterprises (“SME”) and I have spent a lot of time advising and assisting artists, designers, entrepreneurs, inventors and their private equity and angel investors and lenders. Advising SME - especially startups and those such as inventors, app developers and others thinking of going into business - is a specialization in its own right. They need specialist advice and assistance just as much as any other business but they lack the means to bring enforcement or resist invalidity or revocation proceedings. I have spent most of my career on devising solutions and developing services to meet their requirements yet fall within their means.

About My Publications

I seek to communicate with my clients and those who could benefit from my services through my publications, and in particular, through these blogs and associated Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter accounts.

Until 2004 all my instructions had to come from solicitors and patent and trade mark attorneys because it was not possible to consult counsel directly. I started this blog to discuss complex, difficult or interesting cases, legislation or other points of intellectual property law with such advisors.

Since 2004 I have also received more and more instructions directly from business owners and managers through the Bar Council’s Public Access Scheme. They see intellectual property as a means of protecting their investments in branding, design, technology and the creative industries. They are far less interested in the finer points of law and much more interested in IP as a business tool. To help them I started NIPC Inventors Club and more recently NIPC Branding.

As I hold talks and clinics throughout the country I have set up regional IP blogs such as NIPC Yorkshire, NIPC North West and NIPC London.  As an English barrister, I can appear before arbitrators and mediators anywhere and can qualify easily for rights of audience before the Abu Dhabi Global Market, Dubai International Financial Centre and Qatar Financial Centre Courts. To communicate with clients who wish to do business in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and businesses in the GCC countries who wish to do business with us I have established NIPC-Gulf.

The glue that holds all those publications together is NIPC News. Whenever I post an article or case note in any of my blogs I will mention it there and on my social media accounts.

About this Blog

This blog contains articles, case notes, presentations and other information on new and interesting points of intellectual property, technology, competition and media and entertainment law. It is most likely to interest patent and trade mark attorneys and solicitors and other lawyers specializing in those areas of law, However, I try not to make it too technical and I have provided links to glossaries and other explanatory materials wherever necessary.

If you require any information, please call me on +44 (0)20 7404 5252 during office hours or send me a message through my contact form.

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