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Third Global Congress on Combating Counterfeiting and Piracy

Time was when it was the Americans who took the lead with IPR enforcement and the rest of the world tagged on behind. Not so much now. According to Tove Iren S. Gerhardsen, there are some pretty radical proposals coming out of Europe and Japan (see "Japan Resurfaces Global Enforcement Framework; EU Refers to FTAs" on the Intellectual Property Watch website). Although it does not appear to have said so in terms, speakers from the European Commission hinted that favourable access to the European market by countries in Asia, South America and the former Soviet Union will be conditional upon adherence to “international standards" in IPR protection and enforcement. Free trade agreements in future will contain detailed obligations in that area particularly with regard to the protection of designs and designations of origin. The only concession to the developing world is that the Doha co nsensus of 14 Nov 2001 on access to medicines will not be disturbed. Hisamtsu Arai, forme