Local IP Lawyers: "No longer Lumbered"

Apologies to Jason Lumber, but I needed a snappy headline. Paul Sanderson and Martyn Fish who used to share Harrison Goddard Foote's offices in Leeds have just changed their name to HGF-Law from Sanderson Lumber. All of us at NIPC, and particularly Lois and I who have shared the odd glass of sake with Paul, would like to wish them every success with their re-branding. They are a good firm of IP specialists and always on our list when we have to refer public access clients to an authorized litigator outside London.

Paul and Martyn's re-branding follows Blair & Co's change of name to Marks & Clerk's Solicitors. It will be interesting to see whether there will be any more law firms marketing themselves as patent agents' legal departments. I can think of lots of bods in Manchester and Leeds who would like to do likewise.

Finally, I should make clear that Jason is not in fact "Lumbered". He is very much in the thick of things particularly on the trade mark side at Harrison Goddard Foote. Indeed I spoke to him for the name of a contact just before Christmas when my American colleague was looking for a good local patent agent.


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