IPO's Strategy: IP for a creative and innovative UK Strategy 2024 to 2027

Intellectual Property Office, Newport
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Jane Lambert

The Intellectual Property Office is an executive agency of the Department of Science, Innovation and Technology.  Its mission is "to help people grow the UK economy by providing an IP system that encourages investment in creativity and innovation."  It set out its strategy for fulfilling that mission in its corporate report IP for a creative and innovative UK Strategy 2024 to 2027 on 2 May 2024.

Three Pillars

In that report, the IPO stated that its contribution to growing the UK economy by providing an IP system that encourages investment in creativity and innovation will be built on the following three pillars:

  • High-quality, efficient and accessible services
  • A policy of supporting innovation and the economy
  • Delivery by a high-performing organization with skilled people connected by a shared purpose.
High-quality, Efficient and Accessible Services

The IPO promised that its services would be more efficient, timely and accessible. The administrative step of registering IP will be as smooth as possible.  It will offer fast and efficient ways to change ownership details and pay fees.  This will include a new, integrated system for patents, trade marks and designs)to allow creators, innovators and businesses to deal seamlessly with all their IP rights in one place.  Increasing automation and self-service options through a new customer account should enable customers to manage their rights quickly and easily.

New tools to search and analyse IP data will enable users to access the IPO's data in one place, allow them to gain insight from that data and identify and exploit opportunities for innovation to help them grow their businesses.

The IPO will improve and expand services that enable creators and innovators to understand, utilise and maximize the benefits of their IP.  It will refine its work to maximize its reach and impact on SMEs, helping them realize the value of their IP and harness it to enable them to thrive and grow.

It will continue its educational work with students, researchers and entrepreneurs.

A Policy of Supporting Innovation and the Economy

In the coming years, the IPO'a strategic goals are to ensure that:
  • UK law incentivises innovation and creativity for the benefit of society, and
  • IP rights are respected and enforced nationally and internationally; and thereby
shape an IP system internationally that supports UK and global innovation.

Where IP law may need to change, the IPO will advocate that change. It will promote an IP system that gives consumers confidence while providing incentives for innovators and creators. The IPO will support effective civil and criminal enforcement of IP rights to provide justice for rights owners and to deter future infringers. It will work to reduce the demand for infringing goods and services in partnership with rights holders, law enforcement and justice systems in the UK and overseas by helping consumers to understand the risks and consequences of buying counterfeits and pirated content.  

Delivery by a High-Performing Organization

The IPO will implement a new leadership and accommodation strategy, renew its governance and planning systems and plan to be financially sustainable.

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